Mini Transformer with Flex and Plug 12V60W Sunny Lighting



Transformer comes with flex and plug

For 12V halogen lamp

Modern design

Captured terminal screws

Light weight High efficiency(95%)

Safe no-load operation

Overload and short circuit protection with self resetting

Over temperature cut off

Dimmable with leading edge or trailing edge dimmer

Thermally stable and shatter-proof plastic casings

Long converter life = 50,000 hours

Simple installation

Complete with flex and plug


Primary voltage: 230V-240V

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Input current: 0.26A

Secondary voltage: 11.5V

Lamp wattage: 20W-60W

Efficiency: >95%

Power factor: >0.99?

Input capacitance: 33nF

Ambient temperature ta: 50°C

Max case temperature tc: 80°C

Dimming: Leading and trailing edge dimmers

Secondary terminal: 2-pole, screw terminal Dia.0.32 cm

Plug cable length: 120 cm

Overall dimensions: 2.4 cm H x 10.9 cm W x 6.9 cm D