SAL LED STD25 NT LED Surface Mount Batten


Pick up in Store Only due to size!

LED tubes are not included 


Conventional linear LED batten profile ideal for residential and commercial spaces

Design Specifications

  • Durable metal body profile, white powder coat finish in two traditional sizes, twin and single lamp configuration

  • Optional (to order separately) choice of 3000,4000,6000K, CRI>80 LED tubes

  • Large terminal block, easy installation
  • Safety fuse installed

  • High performance PMMA prism diffuser, beam distribution 120 degree

  • Dimensions: (L x W x H mm) STD25/106 - 620 X 83 X 69mm, STD25/206 - 620 X 83 X 109mm, STD25/112 - 1230 X 83 X 69mm, STD212/NT - 1230 X 83 X 109mm.