SAL LED STD25 NT LED Surface Mount Batten


LED tubes are not included 


Conventional linear LED batten profile ideal for residential and commercial spaces

Design Specifications

  • Durable metal body profile, white powder coat finish in two traditional sizes, twin and single lamp configuration

  • Optional (to order separately) choice of 3000,4000,6000K, CRI>80 LED tubes

  • Large terminal block, easy installation
  • Safety fuse installed

  • High performance PMMA prism diffuser, beam distribution 120 degree

  • Dimensions: (L x W x H mm) STD25/106 - 620 X 83 X 69mm, STD25/206 - 620 X 83 X 109mm, STD25/112 - 1230 X 83 X 69mm, STD212/NT - 1230 X 83 X 109mm.