Everything you need to know about LED Lights

Everything you need to know about LED Lights

What are lumens & watts?

Watts VS Lemens

You probably have heard the terms lumens and watts. Lumens refer to the amount of brightness that a light bulb produces.

On the other hand, watts refer to the measurement of the energy that is utilised by the lights. It is to be noted that fewer watts are used by LED lights in comparison to other lights, even though they may have the same brightness.

What is colour temperature?

Lights Colour Temperature

A method to provide a description of the appearance of the light that is produced from a light bulb is referred to as colour temperature.

The colour temperature is measured by a scale one thousand to ten thousand degrees of Kelvin. K is the symbol for Kelvin.

The normal range for the colour temperature pertaining to residential and commercial lights equates to a range of two thousand K to as much as six thousand five hundred K. Hence, it is realised that the colour temperature indicates the feel and look of the light.

What is energy star rating?

energy star rating

Energy star rating refers to the symbol that proves that something is highly efficient in the amount of energy that it uses, as it uses low energy and allows consumers to save a lot of money. This symbol is backed by the government and is highly trusted. 

Furthermore, energy star means that the product is safe for the environment as a result of using low energy and being made with practices that do not inflict harm to the environment. This means that energy star is based on a reduction of greenhouse gas emission in addition to other forms of pollutants that otherwise can result if there is a usage of energy in a manner that is inefficient. 

It is easy for consumers to know which products are energy efficient when they see the energy star symbol and they will know that they will be able to save a vast amount of money on their energy bills each month with products that will yet perform well and provide comfortable living.

What is a dimmable bulb?

Dimmable LED lights

A dimmable bulb is a bulb that can be set to different levels of brightness, depending one's particular need for brightness for a designated space.

The bulb works with a wall switch that controls the brightness as required.

The proper electrical wiring must be set in place to accommodate the usage of a dimmable bulb.

What is the difference between dimmable and non dimmable LED?

When it comes to the options of LED lights, consumers can choose dimmable lights or non dimmable lights. Dimmable lights can be set to lower or higher lighting options depending on your lighting preference. 

On the other hand, non dimmable lights cannot be changed in regard to the level of light they provide. Further, LED lights must be chosen according to one’s lighting electrical circuit. 

If the circuit has been installed for dimmable lights, then the consumer must purchase dimmable lights. If the circuit has not been established for dimmable lights, the only kind of LED lights that can be used are non dimmable LED lights.

What causes dimmable LED lights to flicker?

Have you been wondering why LED lights tend to flicker? The LED lights flicker as a result of being made differently by various companies.

Some are made with lower quality, such as when there is a resistance of the light to permit the correct functioning of the dimmer curve. This is not a new problem, but rather it has been a long standing problem. But it is becoming noticed more as a result of more people using LED lights.

However, the good news is that there are plenty of LED manufacturers and dimming manufacturers who are collaborating together in an effort to implement viable solutions in the prevention of this problem of flickering.

Yet, the reality remains, that it can be difficult to achieve a high level of consistency due to the rise of so many new manufacturers of LED lights.

Why LED lights have better efficiency and save you money?

Indeed, indoor lighting is a necessity of life. But many people do not focus their attention in regard to how much indoor lighting actually does costs on a regular basis. This is because it is not one of the primary larger expenses of life. But it is not simply the cost of an individual light bulb that one must consider. 

Rather, it is important to consider the energy usage that lights use on a monthly basis. That is why LED lights make sense to use due to their energy efficiency because they use fewer watts, which will surely reduce the cost of your indoor lighting energy consumption.

Why LEDs last longer?

The wonderful thing about LED lights is that they possess a higher lifetime of usage than incandescent light bulbs. This is based on the fact that they are up to ninety percent more efficient than other lights. 

These LED lights do not have any functioning elements that may break or burn out, which makes them so successful in being so long-lasting.


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