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zipPay is a simple and secure payment option, that let's you shop today and pay later for your purchases.
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Frequently asked questions
Who can create an account?
Any Australian citizen or permanent resident, who is 18 years or older and is employed, earning at least $300 per week.
How much does it cost?
At the end of every month, you can choose to pay off your balance in full, or simply make a payment that suits your budget (note: there is a minimum repayment of $40 per month required). A Monthly Service Fee of $5 applies. This fee is waived if you pay your balance in full by your due date.
There is NO establishment fee to setup your account and Interest Free Always! If you have repaid your balance down to $0 by your due date (up to 60 days after your purchase), you will never be charged any additional fees.
How do I create an account?
You can CREATE AN ACCOUNT HERE or while making a purchase at any participating stores. To sign up, all you need is a social media account and to confirm the details that you would normally enter when shopping online (e.g. your name, email, mobile, address, DOB and gender). Subject to approval, this process takes only seconds after which you can complete your purchase and pay for it later! Once your account is created you never have to sign up again and can continue to reuse it as much as you like.
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What do people think?
zipPay is such a fast, simple and painless way to shop online. Would definitely recommend.
Georgia H
The staff at zipPay are some of the friendliest and coolest people I know! I use zipPay wherever and whenever I can!
Lisa M
Super easy to use. Having flexible payment options for online shopping has changed everything.
Rebecca R