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How To Choose Wall Lights For Your Home

Let's be honest. The best part when you have your own home is when your redecorate it the way you want. Your creativity goes beyond any home designer -and so you reach a point where you have many things that don't match each other. 

The most important factor within your house is the lightning. 

Sometimes, lights can make a room feel more airy and spacious than it actually is - and this is something that we all want to accomplish. But each room has a specific design that needs proper lights. Wall lights have a much stronger impact as a first impression to your guests, and even to your family members. But those are harder to match with the atmosphere you want to create. 

However, how can you know which are the best wall lights for your interior?

For your living room

CLA Meti Warm Chestnut Wood Wall Lamp

CLA Meti Warm Chestnut Wood Wall Lamp

Living rooms are usually spacious, in order to have a nice time spent with your family or guests. In this case, wall lights are used to highlight a picture or a walI paper from your walIs. It's better to use a white Iight in order to get a more colorful atmosphere from your wall's features.

Using a gold or another type of Iights it can fade the brilliant colour that your walIs has -and making dark shadows instead.

The best wall lights that are best for any kind of living room are those decorative filament globes. Maybe it sounds too vintage or old-school, but they give a proper first impression and an eye-catch effect. 

For your bedroom

The atmosphere from your bedroom is the most important thing to get because there's where you can rest your thoughts after a long day.

In this case, wall lights give people more space on their bedside tables. 

Because we are used to have lamps aside our bed, in case we want to read in the middle of the night we can now attach those lamps to the wall. 

Those kind of lamps are specially made for walls, so don't try to stick your old lamp above your head. It may fall off while you sleep.

Those bedside Iights are much smalIer and better preferred when it comes to a relaxing atmosphere for your bedroom. You can choose golden light in order to get a warm and cozy feeling. 

For your kitchen

The kitchen is somehow the busiest part from your house, either you are cooking or not. When nobody's cooking, surely people will stay and talk at the table, adults will do their work remotely or kids will do their homework.

However, this part of the house needs better strategy where the wall lights should be attached.

The following list is for how to get prepared in order to get proper lights: 

For the ceiling

  • create the kitchen plan so you'II know which areas are the most used.
  • choose economic bulbs (10 watts) that are giving the power of a higher bulb.

For workspace

Mercator Sasha LED Up and Down Wall Light
  • choose decorative fluorescent fixtures - is an excellent way to get general light all over the counter.
  • choose under cabinet lighting - this way you make sure that you're appliances are not making shadows over your cabinet.
  • for workspace be sure to buy in-wall lights.

For your bathroom 

Cougar Cube 3lt/4lt Vanity Light

Mercator Sasha LED Up and Down Wall Light

Maybe you don't find the bathroom as important as it actually is. Ceiling lights are no longer aesthetic nor great for your eyes. If you don't have the proper wall lights, you will not see yourself in the mirror as you are in reality.

  • use compact fluorescent bulbs, so you'll get both the proper lights and a calming atmosphere.
  • if you have a large bathroom, use decorative surface-mounted fixtures that are close-to-ceiling.
  • use extra lightning in different areas of your bathroom for both function and decoration.

In that order, we got to the conclusion where wall lights are a huge factor in our house. You may find them pricier than those ceiling ones, but they are much more efficient for everything you want to reach. 

However, wall lights are a lot simpler in design, so they will not catch the whole attention of a human being, but making that individual to a closer look to any wall interesting feature.

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