Table Lamps

How to select a perfect table lamp - Material, Style & Shades


A correct selection of lighting can add substantial value to the aesthetics of your space. It not only ensures adequate illumination, but also creates the right ambience for your house or office. By using different types of lights, you can make your home more beautiful; one such type of lights is the table lamp.

A table lamp can beautify your living space through its stylistic and effective lighting. Their movable nature and artistic designs make them more useful and versatile than other types of lighting accessories.

How to Select a Perfect Table Lamp for Your Space? There are several factors to consider while choosing a table lamp for your room. Apart from the lighting, cost and efficiency, following are a few important aspects that you must consider:-


Material Used

Table lamps are available in different types of materials. From the traditional glass and ceramic to the contemporary acrylic, wood or metal, you can choose a lamp that suits your room's aesthetic design. Faux shagreen, selenite and alabaster are also among the popular choices.


Traditional lamps with rectangular, gourd, pagoda shapes haven't lost their market. With upcoming artistic designers, there are numerous styles available in the market.


It's the shade of your lamp that creates the right mood. Metallic and coloured inners can help you to vary the shade of the emitted light. These are particularly useful when you want to counter the natural light. Silk, paper and linen are the most common shade materials used.

Top Six Tips for Using Your Table Lamp

Given below are a few important tips to most efficiently and effectively use your table lamps:

Tip 1

Hide away the cables; they generally don't add any aesthetic value! You can tape/pin them up along the furniture legs or any other part that's not visible.

Tip 2

Make sure to choose the right brightness to serve the purpose for which you're buying the lamp. While 30 lumens is generally adequate for bedrooms, you'll need about 50 lumens light is needed for reading lamps. 

Tip 3

If you want to have a control over the illumination, choose a lamp with dimmer function. 

Tip 4

You must choose your table lamp as per the decor of the room where you want to place it.

Tip 5

If your room comprises of a broad-ranging style, you can select different table lamps for different areas. However, the buffet lamps or the console lamps and bedside or sideboard table lamps should ideally be the same. 

Tip 6

Finally, you must take good care of the table lamps, just like the other accessories. Regular dusting, cleaning and polishing of table lamps will keep them looking good for long.


Placement of Table Lamps

Arguably, table lamps are the most versatile lighting accessories used. They can be used in almost all settings; whether it's the bedroom, living room, study room or your office, they find a place everywhere. The top three placement options for table lamps are: 

The Hallway


Most people wouldn't consider placing a table lamp in their hallways. However, a console table is generally a necessity in the hallway. Having an ornamental table lamp there will not only add aesthetic beauty to the entrance but will also serve you in times of emergency - providing light to locate your keys etc!

The Side Tables

A table lamp placed on a side table throws the light at a perfect level to create the most beautiful effect. The complimentary light from the table lamp offsets the harsh light of other sources and creates an imperceptible boundary for your seating zone.

Bedside Table

Bedtime is your cozy time; the most personal and intimate time that you have throughout the entire day. You must have the perfect lighting that's soothing and romantic at the same time. The size, design and shade of the bedside table lamp matter a lot for a rejuvenating rest time. You shouldn't go for very sharp lights and big lamps; it should completely mix with your furniture and other accessories. So, choose carefully!

The above are the places that we feel must have table lamps; the list is nowhere close to being comprehensive. Take a close look at your home and decide yourself before buying table lamps.

We'll not be exaggerating to say that your table lamps are one of the most important accessories in your house. They can beautify any normal looking spot with grace and illumination.

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