the 6 popular LED outdoor Lighting

6 best outdoor LED lights for Australia homes (2020)

Are you looking for LED lights that you can install outdoors?

If yes, you’ll be happy to know that there are many options available. However, instead of you going through all the choices, to pick one, why not go through our list of the best outdoor LED lights, below. It will help you understand which lights are available to illuminate your outdoor premises, and give you some ideas about what works best where


LED Wall Lighting

LED Wall Lights


If you're looking for something artistic, LED wall lights are the best option for you. Outdoor LED wall lights are powered through either electricity or an inbuilt solar panel. They are also specifically designed to cover large surface areas and so they are perfect for illuminating your premises' exterior walls.

In case you don’t want to mount your outdoor LED lights on a wall, then just look at the other options that we highlight, below.


LED Floodlights

LED Floodlights

Do you want to cover a large area? If yes, then think about using LED floodlights. These generally have a large number of LED bulbs inside, and some can have as many as 200.

These lights are built to cover patios, paths and back yards. Their design is such that light is reflected and dispersed over wide areas. Their built-in reflectors ensure that most of their light is directed outwards. This is how they manage to cover large areas easily.

Another advantage of outdoor LED floodlights is that you often don’t need tools to install them. The top of a wall or any other structure makes a good place to put them.

Thus, when you want to cover a larger area and need high illumination, outdoor LED floodlights are the perfect choices for you.


Outdoor Sensor Lights

LED Sensor Lights

In many cases, illumination is only needed when someone is in the vicinity. If you're looking for occasional lighting, outdoor LED sensor-based lights will fit your requirements perfectly.

The sensor’s range can be as low as ten metres and can be as high as thirty. The USP of these sensor lights is that they turn on whenever there is movement in their vicinity. After a brief period of inactivity, they turn off again.

A few models even come with alarms. Consequently, if you want to use them as security lights, they will fit the bill well.


Deck and Step Lights

In case you're looking to illuminate a pathway or outdoor area, where there is foot traffic, deck and step lights are the perfect option. Deck lights can be installed flush with the deck and, often, no other fixtures are required to install these lights.

As the name implies, steps lights are installed into steps or on the side of a run of steps. Stop worrying about stumbling around in the dark, when you use the steps at night and install some purpose-built lights


LED In Ground Lights

LED Inground Lights

Use these lights to highlight any feature of your premises or garden. They are installed right into the ground and people use them to highlight fences, walls, fountains, and so on.

Enhance the beauty of your garden or a feature of it, at night. A beautifully lit garden statue is no longer exclusively to found in stately homes! If you're looking to enhance your premises' beauty with proper illumination, in ground LED lights are for you.


LED Spotlights


LED Spot Lights

In many cases, LED outdoor lights are required to focus light on a particular part of your premises. It can be the door, a fence, the swimming pool, or any other feature.

LED spotlights can serve you well here. As the name itself suggests, such lights use a concentrated beam of light to pick out whatever you choose. Adjust the direction of the light to fall on whatever you choose and, what’s more, they are easy to install.


We hope our list of six options have done the heavy work of narrowing down the choices for you. We highlighted not only the type of lights but also the applications for which they are suitable, so all you have to do now, is ask yourself ‘Why do I want an outdoor light?’, before you go through our options. Then, choosing the best outdoor LED light will be easy.

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