Top 10 Lighting Trends 2022

A Guide to the Top 10 Lighting Trends 2022

From elegant sculptures shapes to bespoke fittings to overhead styles, lighting trends have immensely evolved. In 2022, lighting trends are looking more brilliant than ever, and there’s something for everyone and every room, be it flashy chandeliers to subtle lamps and bulbs.

Modern lighting trends reclaim the vintage while recreating it into something modern and fresh. With this redefinition, here’s how experts are visualizing these trends and critical takeaways for incorporating them into your space to make a bold and personal statement.

The Blend of Marble and Metallic

Marble is known for its opulent feel and royal decor. Although this element is not new to lighting, it is something we might see enough of in 2022, especially in combination with metallic. This combination is mainly available in lamps, be it floor or table.

Wall lights

The hype of wall lights is on the rise. These statement pieces reflect ambient lighting, making them ideal for villas and royal homes. Also known as wall sconces, these lights lit the overall space without detracting from the hero piece in the room.

Since they offer soft light, these might add the touch of coziness while creating the feel of the sanctuary. In addition, wall lights serve as a great alternative to floor lamps. Owing to its classic look and feel, the resurgence of these lights is expected to grow in 2022.

 Vivid Lighting Designs

2022 will be the year of maximalism, and therefore, bold and vivid lighting designs will rule. A big chunk of people is looking forward to the unique pieces that mark a new statement while reflecting their style.

Opt for over-sized, sculptural, and larger-than-life designs to make a space feel new again. These are a great way to refresh a room or entryway while making them a center of attraction. These bold and vivid pieces add a sense of uniqueness to the home and complement the entire space.


Long gone are the days when these quirky pieces used to reserve for dining rooms or for hovering over a foyer. Now is the time when there’s a space for them in various settings, and it’s just a matter of picking out a proper selection to add a touch of luxury.

These royal pieces have made a comeback with all new contemporary and architectural designs. Their glamorous charm is something you can never get enough of. In addition to the traditional-style options, chandeliers today are more sculptural with straight lines and metallic finishes.

Surface Mount Downlights

Designed to provide uniform and bright illumination without flickering or humming, surface-mounted downlights have been a staple for every Australian home for decades. These lights reflect the homeowners’ desire to let all their lighting shine. Since the trend isn’t expected to fade away anytime soon, we hope to see more use and designs of these surface mount downlights.

 LED lights

The idea of using LED lights isn’t new, but this trend is set to continue to grow in 2022 with advancements in LED lighting designs and options. These lights aren’t just used for illuminating the space but for creating an artwork that provokes an emotion.

Classics are all set to make a comeback.

With evolving time, lighting classics are re-born and designed into something contemporary and royal. Be it chandeliers, fabrics, or natural materials, all of them will make a massive comeback in 2022.

New and modern lighting designs are inspired by an art deco and, thus, highly preferred by home renovators looking to add the classic appeal to their space.

Nordic-Inspired lighting designs

Nordic-inspired lightings are one of the most sought-after options in the interior design world. They are known for their minimalist appeal and symmetrical decor style.

Amongst all, brass finishes set against opal white shades are widely appreciated by homeowners, and therefore, we are looking forward to plenty of new designs to take off in 2022.

Environment-friendly options

Since businesses worldwide are becoming environmentally conscious, the lighting industry is no different. The use of natural raw materials in creating new lighting designs isn’t new at all; however, this trend is expected to touch new heights in 2022 and beyond.

Bamboo, natural fibers, and timber are used in glass light fixtures to give a classic environmental touch to your space. These look incredibly unique while adding a sense of individuality to the home.

The minimalist approach

Although 2022 is provoking maximalism, the minimalist trend is something that’s not going to be faded away anytime soon. If you are looking to add subtle and sober appeal to your interiors, ditch the statement-making chandeliers and go for the straight-lined designs crafted with the least detailing and basic matte texture.

That’s it, folks!! We hope this guide to the ten best lighting trends for 2022 will help you make the right choice. Are you looking for expert guidance? Connect with us right away and out, and our team will offer the perfect advice depending on your space while assisting you in choosing the appropriate lighting option for your interiors.

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