Lighting Styles To Revamp Your Kitchen

Lighting Styles To Revamp Your Kitchen

Growing up, we’ve all spent plenty of time in the kitchen, learning to cook, helping mom with chores, and waiting for muffins to get done in the oven. The kitchen is that place where families get together, make memories, and put together delicious meals where the primary ingredient is love. When we invite people over for a meal, this area again takes the spotlight, while we rejoice over drinks and home-cooked meals. However, when it comes to lighting, this space takes a backseat, with the chandeliers and beautiful lamps getting reserved for the living and dining rooms.

Having said that, kitchen lighting is tricky; demanding a generous amount of light to see what’s in your cabinet, helping you read through your recipe books, at the same time being aesthetically pleasing enough to create the perfect ambiance. Check out some options of lighting fixtures that will ‘turn on the best version of your kitchen.


Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are great to hang over kitchen islands or accentuate breakfast nooks. They are simple, elegant, and add a sophisticated vibe to the room while providing sufficient brightness for you to cook and serve without straining your eyes. These charming beauties are available in several shades and styles; you can match them according to your preference and the aura of the space.


Spotlights and Track Lights

Don’t be surprised, but spotlights which are used in films can make your kitchen look interesting. These are small and illuminate a particular area, allowing you to showcase distinctive items like paintings and wall decor. Track lights are a line of lights, placed together that can brighten a specific area like the countertop or a small passage. They can be mounted to the ceiling or hung from above and bring about a uniform, symmetrical charm to your kitchen.



Downlights are fitted into the ceiling and face downwards. They are energy-efficient, functional lights that give a clear view of your kitchen. These fixtures look like beams shining from holes producing narrow spectrums giving your kitchen a contemporary elegant look. These can be fixed lights, that uniformly light up the room, or gimbal lights, that can be tilted to highlight any direction, or surface mounted. Downlights can be placed anywhere in the ceiling, making the room seem larger and are a favorite pick due to their energy-saving and space-saving attributes.


LED Strip Lights

These versatile lights come in the form of narrow strips that can be bent and modified as per requirement, providing a customized lighting solution. They come in various colors and add flamboyance to your kitchen decor. They can occupy spaces that conventional light globes cán’t cover such as behind shelves and toe kicks.


Batten Lamps

Battens lights are DIY fixtures that don’t even require an electrician’s visit. These are simple lamp holders that can be easily fixed to the ceiling or wall and covered with a shade. They are affordable and do not require any landlord approval, in case you live on rent. These economical lights are detachable, making it convenient for you to carry them along when you move house.


Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Flush Mount lights work well for rooms with low ceilings. Unlike the Pendants, they don’t occupy space, yet provide plenty of light. Since they are attached to the ceiling, they seldom gather dust and therefore require minimum maintenance. As they attract less attention, these are viable options for houses with children and pets. If you fancy the pendant light but don’t have the room height, you can choose  Semi Flush Mount lights that hang like pendants but stay close to the wall like Flush Mount lights, giving you the best of both worlds. 



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