Top 10 Tips For Lighting Your Living Room

Top 10 Tips For Lighting Your Living Room

Are you done with selecting the furniture and picking the color scheme? It’s time to think about the lighting that brings your living room to life. Without a doubt, lighting is a significant part of decorating a room. Get it done right, and you can transform even the dingiest space into bright wonder.

Here’s the guide to the ten crucial tips for lighting your living room in the best possible way.

1. Decide the purpose

Before jumping into the lighting process, it’s always good to decide on the purpose for which you’ll be going to use the living room. It could be anything, from watching movies to family get-togethers to spending some quality time alone. Keep all the possibilities into concern while deciding the lighting options. Never use harsh overhead lights or bright bulbs. Instead, you can go for occasional lights, wall sconces, reading lamps, and more.

2. Don’t forget to light up the corners

Although corners remain unused, they are an integral part of the living room that you cannot ignore while lighting the space. Add well-positioned, oversized lamps to add life to those empty corners. Opt for the contemporary lamp designs that instantly steal the spotlight and sync well with the overall room design.

3. Highlight your artwork

Hanging beautiful artworks on the wall makes the living room alive. However, you are advised to light up the painting or unique wall decors so that it won’t remain unnoticed. The best part is that highlighting the art designs is incredibly simple. These not just showcase your favorite art piece but illuminate the entire room as well.

4. Must add Dimmers

Dimmers ensure that you’ll always have the right amount of light, whether you are reading or watching movies or just sitting idle. They are easy to add a spark to the ordinary and boring living rooms. Moreover, dimmers can make your lighting truly customisable.

5. Never rely on just one light source

The living area is one of the much-used spaces in the home, and hence, it is essential to add more than one light source to avoid any last-minute surprise. While it’s a good idea to have one dramatic light, you should remember that it will illuminate a particular part of the room, which is why adding different light sources is recommended.

6. Select different lights for different decors

Lighting is hugely dependent on the room decor; hence there is no one-size-fits-all. You need to keep the art pieces, furniture style, and other elements in mind while choosing the lighting options. For example, if you opt for a coastal theme with a beige or plain white sofa, rattan lamps look absolutely stunning while adding value to the overall decor. Antique lamps work great if you want to add vintage vibes to your living room.

7. Use backlight for dramatic appeal

Back-lighting looks as bold as backlit mirrors and sprinkles a dramatic appeal to the living space. Use LED strips and consider lightning from beneath to create a space illusion, making your furniture appear to be floating above the floor. 

8. Always add table lamps

Table lamps add a sophisticated feel to the living room while making the space more functional. Place the light source nearby so you can utilize the table lamp efficiently. Opt for the lamp that adds practicality while making the living room look modern and polished.

9. Take the room’s orientation into concern while choosing lighting options

The room’s orientation is related to the natural light; hence plays a significant role in lighting options. For instance, you’ll need more lighting sources if you have a south-facing room than a living space oriented in the opposite direction. Also, you have to decide the position of your TV as the inappropriate lighting might reflect a glare on the TV screen.

10. Pendant light is a must

Adding a range of light sources to the living room never eliminates the need for one pendant light. It dazzles the entire space while adding bold appeal. The pendant light is almost mandatory if you have a formal living room. However, before spending a fortune on that one light source, make sure that the statement piece complements the other lighting options and room decor nicely without overshadowing all other elements.


Since lighting gives the final touch to a fully-furnished living room, it’s important to make a choice wisely. While the right product can make your space alive, one wrong choice can put all your efforts in vain, leaving you disappointed.

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