Outdoor Lighting Ideas This Summer Get You Inspired

Outdoor Lighting Ideas This Summer Get You Inspired

Garden Pathway Lighting Ideas 

Garden Pathway Lighting

Highlighting your driveway is one of the best ways to give detailing and an aesthetic finish to the area. When you have the bollards adorning the margins of the aisle, you will be relieved with a sense of safety and a clear direction to move around.

  • However, note that it would be a bad idea to place the bollards in a straight line. An alternative zig-zag pattern is a creative step. A wave pattern or a zig-zag installation will give a precise and neat look.
  • If you give your summer decor some proper spacing, you’ll see that it will make all the changes that you need. Don’t create a cluster of the bollards as this will give a shabby appearance to the aisle. Also, ensure that they are placed at a decent distance from each other and not too far. This will also help insufficient light reflection to help you see around.


Deck & Step Lighting Ideas

Decking Lighting

When you are relaxing with family and friends, the light in the area should be moderately bright and create an interactive atmosphere. The deck lights are the perfect choice to achieve this. If you hang out in the open spaces, say your back gardens or front porch, then the In-ground lights will add more glamour to the trees, shrubs, and feature walls in the area. Modern sensors can line your aisle and if they have solar batteries then that will be an added advantage. You can line your outdoor staircase with step lights that illuminate your path and prevent accidents when you are climbing steps at night.  The cherry on the cake is their dynamic design!

  • One thing to keep in mind is the shape of your stairway is going to decide the alignment of the lights in the path.
  • It is not necessary that you should place your light on every step. Take your liberty and go with the alternate pattern, leaving two steps in between, or even better, angle them diagonally.
  • Having Strip lighting under the stair rims will boost the look further.


Garden Lighting With Spots 

garden spotlights

It is definitely not aesthetic when you hang heavy lights and rectangular tubes around your trees or shrubs. The outdoor garden with crotons, shrubs, and long pines will need some extra and discrete attention. The Spike spots are precisely made to hide in the nook and corners of the greenery and still shine like there is no one to stop them. They have interchangeable globes and offer narrow beams for long pines and wide beams for flat shrubs. The way you align your lights will determine how your place will be illuminated.

  • If you want your light to be pointed and hit out like a broader laser, then fix the beam in a way that the light focuses on a specific spot. If you prefer warm and soft lighting, intentionally make the beams of two lights overlap each other.
  • Do you know how to make these impressive shadows? (very useful during Halloween!) Simply place an object right in front of the light and voila! Move the light closer for larger shadow figurines and farther when you want to shrink their size.
  • Prefer Human silhouettes to scare others? Then it would be great to focus the shadow on a plain surface, preferably a wall. Take a human figure doll, place it in front of the light and adjust the distance to get a desired size for the shadow.

Even if it is not Halloween, then there is nothing wrong with adding some style, creativity, and entertaining factors to your backyard/Garden. 


Outdoor Solar Lighting Ideas  

Even after the sun goes down, its energy will illuminate your house if you decide to choose solar-powered lights. Just like solar panels, they have rechargeable batteries that receive their energy from the sun themselves. And at night, they would glow and shut down when the sun comes up again. This is an energy-efficient solution that works similar to the motion sensors but has all of its concentration on tracking the sun’s movements. Whenever there is a problem with power in your locality, the lights would still shine like stars because they don’t need electricity to fuel their engines!

The best fits for your outdoor areas will be Bollards, Wall Brackets, or the Sconces. The lights can be placed anywhere you want them and the only criteria to be followed is to ensure that they have direct access to the sun rays. Rest assured, you’ll save yourself from the installation hassle.


Decorate Outdoors With Lanterns

Decorate Outdoors With Lanterns

Lanterns in the garden remind me of the era when Romeo was waving at Juliet near the balcony! While you all swoon because of the romantic vibes, also note that the rustic outdoors can get a vibrant makeover with the right kind of lanterns to reflect the greenery in the garden. If you have a small breakfast table or poolside table, some dim lanterns will create much-needed comfort vibes. Also, battery-operated lanterns are the modern solutions that you’ll fall in love with.


Exterior Wall Lighting Ideas 

Exterior wall lights are not only going to lighten your entrance but also prove to be a brilliant choice to create a welcoming atmosphere whenever someone lands up on your doorstep. You can spread them across the outdoors and have a special pair by your Entrance. If you have softer pastel shades on the walls, couple them with moderately bright exterior wall lights. And if you have darker colours, the light’s brightness can go a tad bit higher. Wall lights also come with an up/down illumination effect that will make your guest’s eyes pop out.


Exterior Security & Sensor Lighting 

Exterior Security & Sensor Lighting

If you want to give your exterior wall lighting a good, modern touch-up, then you can invest your bucks in the motion sensors. Whenever there is a movement, the lights will register the change and welcome you with splendid lighting. An added advantage is - they react when burglars visit your abode too! Easy to catch them, isn’t it? Unlike the popular misconception, sensor lights use less energy and remain off when there is no use for them. Phew! The worry about the bills is gone too.  

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