LED Down Lights for home

Why you can’t go wrong with LED downlights

Let us begin with understanding what LED lights are and why we can't go wrong with them while planning to light up our spaces. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. The LED lighting products produce light that is 75% more efficient than their older counterparts of incandescent or halogen light bulbs. This makes them the popular choice today. There are many other reasons why LED downlights have become more popular which have been encapsulated below for anyone to make the right decision:

Main benefits of LED Downlights

Saving Money!

Who doesn't want to save money, whether on the lights or on the electricity bills in the long run? LED downlights are 75% more energy efficient than the older version of light bulbs. This means that one can save a lot on electricity bills for sure. 

To help with the comparison, bright LED flood lamps use minuscule 11 to 12 watts in creating a light output similar to a 50-watt incandescent light bulb. This makes it easier to imagine how LED downlights can be a no-brainer to help you save money.

Stylish and Sleek

When you are designing the interior spaces of your home or office or even studio the lighting plays an important role. The functionality and the looks both need to be kept in mind. LED downlights come in numerous designs and styles. These downlights look as if they are part of the ceiling rather than being attached to it. With many sleek and unobtrusive designs, they can be a great choice to incorporate in your interiors.

LED’s have amazing Colour Rendering Index or (CRI)

Colour rendering index or CRI refers to the measurement of light to actually bring out the real colour of the object as compared to the natural light. Natural sunlight has the best CRI and many older versions of light bulbs fall way behind in these index values. Fortunately, with advancement in technology, this index has been really improved with LED downlights and has very good ratings.

Unless needed for specific other purposes like creating mood lighting, LED downlights to have a CRI range between 65 and 95 which is considered to be excellent.

CCT or correlated colour temperature

LED downlights come in a wide range of Correlated Colour Temperatures. This means that they have many options like a “warm” yellowish glow, or a “cool” white light, and many other countless options. With so many options to choose from they make a great choice in making your spaces more unique. Whether you intend to light up residential homes or commercial space there is no way you can go wrong by choosing LED downlights as your preferred lighting solution.

LED turns on instantaneously

LED downlights have an advantage in turning on and off immediately. They don't need a warming-up period to get switched on. This not only makes them a great choice but also helps in reducing the possibility of degradation due to frequent switching.

No need to change light bulbs every now and then!

The good news about the LED downlights is that they have a lifespan of around 50000 hours! Which means they last almost 5 times longer than their older counterpart, the fluorescent lights. Needless to say one won't need to change the LED downlights for the next 10 years or even more!

This way one can save money and reduce the carbon footprint as well since less waste is created.

A safer choice

LED downlights use thermal management to keep the temperatures low while they are being used. They use heat sinks to absorb heat and dissipate it into the surroundings. This keeps them relatively cooler as compared to the older versions of halogens and incandescent light bulbs. This heat management increases the lifespan of LED downlights and makes them a safer choice too. Less heating means that the possibility of fire hazards due to overheating of fixtures is reduced drastically.

Make the right choice

Mid Central Home Led downlight

LED downlights not only come in different shapes and sizes but they have the ability to create different moods and hues as well. With so many options to choose from one can create a relaxing mood in a meditation room or a bright corner for your home office.

The dimmer function gives you greater control of the vibes you want to create in any space. Dim light for a romantic evening or the brighter light for a reading session.

Great for environment

LED downlights are not only easy on your pockets but are lighter on the environment too. They emit less CO2 as compared to incandescent and halogen lights. With a longer lifespan, they even contribute less to the landfills as there is less waste disposal. 

LED downlights are also devoid of harsh chemicals and do not emit UV rays. Surprisingly, nearly 25 incandescent light bulbs are equivalent to 1 LED light bulb. This significantly reduces the carbon footprint of LED lights, also because they are 100% recyclable too.

This way one can save the environment by simply choosing LED downlights.

Summing up

With these benefits listed above, it's no brainer why one should choose LED downlights for lighting any possible spaces. From saving money to being less harsh on the environment it is a cakewalk to be a wise person by choosing LED light bulbs. With so many designs, styles, shapes, and colours to choose from, creating a professional look have never been so easy while setting up the interiors of your new home or office.

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