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Lighting Plan For Your Home

Tips To Help You Design An Effective Lighting Plan For Your Home

When you are in the process of designing your home the lighting speaks louder than the words. It not only has illuminating benefits but also sets the mood and creates an ambiance. While choosing the right lighting for different spaces within your home it is important to look at the functionality as well as the feel it creates. Functionality focuses on the right amount of light for the intended task and it also reflects who we are.

To make an easier choice, we have summarised the room by room guide for choosing and designing the right kind of lighting in your home.

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lighting Plan

The kitchen is one place where we all need to multitask. From cooking to cleaning, washing to eating, or even chatting with friends on the phone, it definitely needs to have a combination of task lighting and ambient lighting. When we are choosing the lighting we should look at the lumens and not the wattage of the bulb. In the kitchen you are looking at the range of 5000 to 10000 lumens depending on the space, choose the lighting accordingly and divide it in the kitchen area as per requirement.

Overhead lighting works well in the kitchen since it doesn't block your line of vision. Even the underside of the overhead cupboards can have a series of small lights which can help in lighting up the benches. These kinds of strategically placed lights can create a touch of ambiance keeping functionality as the top priority.

Usually, cool lights are recommended for the kitchen area but it's a great idea to mix them with warmer lights. When highlighting a specific area like cabinets and splash-backs with warm lights, creates a fun element in your kitchen.

Bedroom Lighting


The focus in the bedroom is to make it cozy since you would want a more relaxed feel to the bedroom. The standard downlights and ceiling lights work well for the bedroom but remember not to over-light the space since you want to keep the room restful and calm.  

Bedside lamps, table lamps, or even wall lamps close to the bed can give the right amount of light for reading a book before setting up for a good night's sleep. These can be dimmable lights that can be adjusted as per the time of the day and your mood.

With the advancement of technology, the current trend in lighting is the LED lights, luckily the focus is on quality and variety and not just saving energy. LEDs come in different shapes in sizes, making them possible to conceal them anywhere and in anything. The light can even be activated by opening doors just like we have in fridges. These amazing new trends can make your bedroom lighting fun and luxurious at the same time. Be it concealed at the headboard of your bed, cabinetry, or even your wardrobe, these lights can make your bedroom trendy too.

Living and Dining

Kitchen and Dining Lighting

Living and Dining rooms are the focal points of your home which has multipurpose usage. With many people working from home in the current scenario, it takes up the role of an office or even a temporary home gym. A mix of light is paramount for such a versatile area in any home.

Overhead lighting is important to create enough lumens for things like watching TV or when you just want to relax with your family. Task lights and table lamps can be used for lighting specific areas where you intend to spend time reading or working. To enhance the presence of decorative pieces like artwork in the living room or dining room a wall-mounted spotlight can do wonders. 

One can even use dimmable lights in this space, these are easily available in the LED’s making them a popular choice. Low pendant lights over the dining table can give an intimate feel to your dining area.


Bathroom Lighting

The washroom is one space where you need many task lights for grooming purposes. Having an option of a dimmer light can give a very relaxed feel to your warm bubble bath, so it’s worth investing in one for the area where your bathtub is placed..

A big ceiling light along with wall lights focussed on the mirror is a good combination to give your bathroom a luxurious feel. Cool and bright white lights which are waterproof make a perfect blend in this important space in your home. Heating lights can also help in getting away with heated towel rail because they heat up enough to keep the wintery chills at bay. 

Let’s get enlightened!

As we have technology advancements, so do the current lighting trends. With many options available now, it's become easier to play around with the layered lighting as per the moods and ambiance of each room.

Our home speaks a lot about our personality and the lighting plays an important role in how our living spaces look and feel. A smartly placed and intelligently hand-picked lighting can go a long way in making your house a warm and welcoming “Home”.

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