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How to find the perfect floor lamp match your interior?

How to find the perfect floor lamp match your interior?

A compact, dull and bland space can get a delightful makeover with modern floor lamps that do not empty your pockets. You can make your house look more lively, bright, and cheerful. It all depends on home decor and your eye for grabbing the right floor lights from the market.

Why do you need floor lamps? 

They are versatile, blend in with any kind of space - large or small and create quite an impression. They are available as smart lights that you can control with your mobile or small lights that line your aisle.

You can have them in the living room where you decide to read the new novel or closer to those inaccessible corners that ceiling lights cannot illuminate.

Types of floor lamps

You will find a lot of designs in the market, but all of them can be categorised into four main types:

Pole Lamps


Telbix Croset Floor Lamp


These lamps have been the most preferred floor lamps for any kind of household. A single-pole hosts a single light bulb with a lampshade. It’s the simplest and traditional option. 

Arc Lamps


Mercator Stanford Floor Lamp


The arc signifies the subtle bending that is unique to these lamps. The base is wider, and the light bulb is at the end of the single-pole arched slightly in one direction.

Multi-legged Lamps


Mercator Prince Floor Lamp

Contrary to the pole lamps, the multi-legged lamps have more than one pole, usually like a tripod stand, and host one or more than one light.

Table Lamps

Mercator Devon Table Lamp 

Apart from the lighting, these also come with attached drawers and cubicles. They are wider but still have the same length as the pole lamps. They are available in different shades of lighting too.


What kind of floor lamps match your interiors? 

Floor Lamp for Bedroom

The first thing you need to consider is the ‘kind’ of lighting. The bedroom space is supposed to be calm, peaceful ad warm so that you can sleep. A proper table or shelf lamp that can stand next to your bed will be perfect. It gives warm light that can even mimic authentic sunlight during the day and turns to a dimmer auburn during the nights. A smart bulb will provide you with customized options to choose from

Floor Lamp for Living Room 

The family gathers here, and that is why the spirits should be high! You can afford to have strong and bright lighting in this space. Usually, a pole lamp with multiple light bulbs is the ideal choice. The single pole will save you a lot of space, and the lights will shine with different shades. The top light is usually dimmer, neutralizing the bright lighting from the other lights hanging off the single pole. You can have one or two of these, depending on the area of your room.

Floor Lamp for Dining Room

If you wonder what kind of lamp works well, remember that the dim candlelight dinners are mass favorites! Your lighting has to be dim but bright enough for you to see things around you. The Arc lamp is the perfect choice because the pole will be out of your reach, and the lamp bends towards you. The chances of you smacking it down to the floor because it was so close to you will be less. You can also go for the pole lamps if you like it a little brighter. However, too much light will make it look like the food is glaring at you (Brightness overloaded!).


Consider your house to be Picasso’s painting. You can highlight the right corners to make the canvas look spectacular. The aesthetics of your large home will improve by several folds if you can manage to install the right floor lamps. So, choose wisely!

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