Downlight Guide

Downlight Guide

Downlight Guide 

Downlights are a versatile lighting solution that can upgrade the illumination of any space in your home. Downlights can provide the main source of lighting in your space whilst being sleek and simple. Downlights alone can illuminate your space efficiently and can give you enough lighting. With downlights in your space you are then able to add any decorative lighting without worrying about if there is enough light in that space!

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We stock a range of different downlights that come in various wattages and sizes. The standard downlight is around 9-13 watts and the cut-out size is around 90mm. Depending on your space and the effect you want there are many different sizes you can choose from.

Installation is easy with downlights! When asking your electrician to install downlights ask them to install a plug base in your ceiling. This will make replacing your downlights as easy as unplugging and plugging in a new one! Most downlights come with an easy plug that make replacement easy for you.

The two most popular downlights are by SAL and are a great option in illuminating your spaces. You cannot go wrong with these two downlights by SAL.



Recessed Downlights

Recessed Downlights are a popular style of downlight that come in various different styles that you can choose from our store. Here are a few options that can illuminate your space of choice!


led downlights - SAL

Trend MINILED XDG10 10W LED Downlight — Best Buy Lighting

Domus DEEP-10 TRIO Round Deepset 10W Recessed Dimmable LED IP40 Downli —  Best Buy Lighting


Gimbal Style Downlight

Downlights with a gimbal can allow you to angle the downlight to point at a specific angle. Using gimbal style downlights you can illuminate a wall or a painting. Highlight a focus point in your home using these gimbal style downlights!

SAL UNIFIT S9009TC2 Centre Tilt 10W Dimmable LED Downlight — Best Buy  Lighting

SAL NEWMAN MKII S9545TC/DP2 28/38W Rotable round gimbal LED Shoplight —  Best Buy Lighting

Trend MAXILED XRD10 10W Recessed LED Downlight — Best Buy Lighting


Surface Mounted Downlights

Another popular style of downlights are surface mounted downlights. They are a great option for you if you don’t want to drill a hole or are unable to drill a hole in cases such as concrete ceilings. These architectural style downlights are a great feature over a kitchen island or down a hallway. Sleek and modern, surface mounted downlights are a great lighting solution for any space. 

Havit HV5812T NELLA 7w LED Adjustable Surface Mounted Downlight — Best Buy  Lighting

Domus ALPHA-SM Surface Mount Exterior Downlight GU10 LED 6W 240V IP65 —  Best Buy Lighting

SAL Dice II S9016 - 8W Surface Mount Square LED Downlight — Best Buy  Lighting


Downlights are a versatile and stylish lighting solution that can enhance the look and feel of any space in your home. With their range of styles and functionality, they're a great choice for homeowners who want to upgrade their lighting system and create a more modern and comfortable living environment.

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