Smart Lighting Guide

Smart Lighting Guide

Smart Lighting and Home Guide

Smart Lighting is an innovative and convenient way to incorporate your devices with your home to create a more modern and efficient living space! Change the colour, setting timers, controlling and dimming your lighting with just your smartphone remotely or from the comfort of your couch! Smart Lighting is a fantastic way to incorporate your devices with your home to create a home that is just a little bit smarter. 

Integrate your home lighting with your Smart Home devices such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa or Apple Home, by utilising the voice-activated controls to control your Smart Lights in your home!

Every home and living space is unique so that is why we offer a wide range of Smart Lighting solutions to suit your specific needs. Whether you are looking to integrate your whole system or just add a couple of smart bulbs to your home, we can help you find the best option for your space!

Smart Bulbs

Smart Light Bulbs are a great cost-efficient starting option to automate light fittings in your home. Automate your bedside table lamp to turn on during bed time or set the lighting colour to amber to create a relaxing environment. 

Classic Globe E27 image

Check out the rest of our range to find a globe that suits your light fitting! Most common found light bases can be found in Smart Globe options!


Smart Downlights

Smart Downlights can be easily added to any home to enhance functionality and style of your space. Whether you want to install a few downlights near an artwork so you can have control of light colour and brightness via your smartphone or your complete home, Smart Downlights can give you the ability to customise the lighting in your area without installing a dimmer or control switch. Less holes to cut! 

92mm Walter Downlight RGB + CCT image


Smart Plugs

Smart Plugs are a quick and easy way to turn any appliance in the home into a smart device! Smart Plugs can be easily plugged into any electrical outlet which allows anything plugged into them to become Smart! If you leave the house without turning off your hot toastie maker, with the Smart Plug you can remotely turn it off or on, track energy consumption or even set a timer! 

Home | Lighting Australia | Brilliant Brillant CANNES Smart WiFi Powerboard with USB-A and USB-C Chargers — Best  Buy Lighting


Smart Light Switches 

Smart Light Switches is a great way to elevate your home lighting system. Using Smart Switches you are able to make all lights connected to that switch smart! This allows you to control lights that are not compatible with Smart Globes with your smart devices. It also allows you to consolidate a whole room of downlights into one switch without replacing each individual downlight! There are many applications for Smart Switches that can make your home living smarter.

Mercator WiFi Triple Switch — Best Buy LightingBrilliant Smart Elite Tempered Glass 3 Gang Wall Switch | JD Lighting


Smart Fans 

Thinking about changing your fans? Smart Fans are convenient to use as you can control the fan from your smart devices or from your Smart Home Assistants. You don’t need to worry about losing your phone remote control as you can control straight from your Smart Devices. Easily turn your fans on or off from the comfort of your couch or anywhere in the world!

Mercator Minota Smart DC Ceiling Fan Wi-Fi with LED Light — Best Buy  Lighting Mercator Anova Smart DC Ceiling Fan Wi-Fi with LED Light — Best Buy Lighting

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