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Don't Go Cold This Winter! The benefits of Bathroom Heaters

Australian winters can be so intense that people refuse to step out of their comforters. Imagine walking into a tiled bathroom that’s no less than a frozen cave with ice for flooring. Yes, that can be your bathroom if you don’t take up appropriate measures to avoid the situation. That being said, Bathroom heaters are your perfect partners to combat the winter chills in Australia. They have extra perks, a solid installation procedure, long-lasting benefits, and make life a whole lot easier. If you know where to look, it is a piece of cake to get an affordable bathroom heater that won’t increase your energy bill numbers.

Before we dig into the product details, here’s why you should own a bathroom heater in the first place:


Bathroom Heaters

Well, isn’t that obvious? We use heaters to raise the temperature during the cold months. But why in the bathrooms is the ultimate question. Imagine walking out after a hot shower and wincing because the tiles are harshly cold, and your wet skin can’t tolerate the chill. People shiver just by listening to that description. To not be in that situation, you need an efficient bathroom heater installed. By running that heater for a minute or two, you will be saving yourself from a  lot of trouble.

Exhaust Action 

Bathroom Heaters come in various types, and the best one is the 3-in-1 type. It has some extra benefits along with the heating action. It can act as an exhaust that removes the existing air in the bathroom and replaces it with a fresh and warm air burst. It can also remove the lingering moisture often seen as a film over the bathroom mirror or as a layer on the metal taps.

Dry Bathrooms

The air from the heater is not just going to maintain the temperature but also improve the bathroom’s dryness. A wet atmosphere is a home to bacteria, molds, and several other nasty visitors who linger too long. It's healthy to keep bathrooms moisture-free, and the heater will help you with that.

Easy Installation

Mercator Domino 3-in-1 Bathroom Heater

It's not rocket science to install a good bathroom heater in your personal space. However, you must contact the right professionals for the job. You need to find the perfect spot to place the device so that direct moisture or any other disturbances will not hinder its performance.

3-in-1 Heaters are quite famous in Australia, and depending upon their size, they offer the best services to your bathroom. These compact, one-unit devices are ideal for those who don’t like to have several electrical appliances installed in their homes.

But while you are at it, here are some crucial things you need to consider while buying yourself a bathroom heater

Right Source

The bathroom heaters can get quite messy if they are not the right kind. And by right kind, we mean to say that they need to come from a good company with proper safety settings. Also, they must have Australian authorization. If you get your hands on any portable appliance just because it has a cheaper price tag, it might even cost you your life. It's always good to be safe than sorry when dealing with electric appliances that need to be installed in areas where there is an active water supply.

Heating and Exhaustion

Martec Profile Plus 2 3 in 1 Bathroom Heater With Exhaust Fan And 3 LED Lights

Like has been mentioned before, the electrical device must be able to create a perfect exhausting atmosphere. All the foul odor and the circulating air in the bathroom need to be transported out. Also, the heating has to be apt and quick.


One of the many benefits you will be getting with the 3-in-1 heaters. The lighting is based on the personal preferences of people. If you have a smaller bathroom, you can choose dim lights that just set the right ambiance for bathing. If the toilet is large, you can go for some brighter alternatives. But again, it's your choice. The larger bathrooms can also afford some low-lying lights and the usual ones that come with the heater. 

Location of Installation

This is the main thing that you need to monitor keenly. If the heater is placed in the wrong place, it not only delays the heating process but can also cause accidents. The best spot to put up the heater is the central portion of the ceiling in your bathroom. It is easier for the air to circulate that way, and also, it's safely installed in a place away from water. NEVER place it close to a shower outlet. Ideally, bathroom heaters can handle some moisture, but why take the chance? 

There is no doubt about the functionality of a 3-in-1 bathroom heater. But mainly, they happen to slash down your expenditure by several degrees. You don’t have to make separate purchases for a decent exhauster and lighting system. This is the season that demands the services of a heater, and you should buy them.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Are there types in the Bathroom Heaters apart from 3-in-1s?

A: Yes. You will find some radiant bar heaters, Heat lamps, underfloor heating systems, and heated towel rails too. But nothing as good as the 3-in-1s.

Q: How to choose my bathroom heater? Which will suit me?

A: This will depend on your necessity and your budget. While a heat lamp is cheaper than a 3-in-1 lamp, the services it can provide are also less. So, if you are looking for exhaustion too then, you know what to choose. 

Q: Are Bathroom Heaters harmful?

A: There is no reason why they should be harmful if installed correctly. They pose no threat when you handle them well.

Q: Is Gas Heating ideal for bathrooms?

A: Bathroom spaces are much smaller than regular bedrooms. So, you cannot and SHOULD NOT use any gas heating systems in such close confines. 

Q - Will it be expensive to handle energy bills?

A: You will be only using them during the winters. You won’t have them switched on for the whole day. Also, if you have the right one installed, it won’t take long for the heating. So, if you can manage them, they won’t burn your pockets.


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