Outdoor Lighting Buying Guide

Outdoor Lighting Buying Guide - 7 Must-Know Outdoor Lights

There is no better way of giving your backyard a glamorous look than choosing the perfect outdoor lights. it's something that becomes critical once you have the task of equipping your house.

To make your backyard look even more exquisite, you can mix various lighting styles don't limit yourself; there are many options to choose from. The best outdoor light is the one that perfectly meets your taste and preferences.

It has never been easy deciding what outdoor light best suits your needs. You may be caught up bet between the efficiency of the lamp versus its purchase and installation costs. Typically, it is challenging to decide on a specific item when you have a variety of options to choose from. That's why this article will give you tips on different types of outdoor lights so that you can have an easy time when you want to buy them.

1. LED Garden Lights

LED Garden Lights

There are many different types of LED garden lights, such as LED ground spots and LED garden spikes. The LED garden lights not only beautify your garden but also enhance accessibility, nighttime safety, and aesthetics. The features of these outdoor lights make them appropriate for outdoor use. LED garden lights utilize both electric and solar energy. Since they can light under low voltage, solar energy can be used, thus minimising electrical costs. These outdoor lights can be designed with sensors in that when the sun dawns; they are activated.

Since LED garden lights come in various kids, there is a possibility of choosing units that can be connected to solar-powered units or home electrical system. Most LED lights are coloured or white bulbs that can be used to bring varying effects on the garden. One benefit of LED lights has minimum chances of injury to both adults and kids; also, they are more relaxed in temperatures. There are many creative ways of installing these outdoor lights, such as lacing them along the pathways or fences even can be submerged in ponds and water pools.


2. Floodlights


Floodlights are the most famous outdoor lights. Majorly, floodlights are used for lighting more comprehensive coverage. Some examples of the floodlights include town street lights. These outdoor lights are mostly preferred because of their ability to light a more significant area such as factory squares, stadiums, or cities. Outdoor floodlights are made in a particular way to withstand high winds, storm, rains low and high temperatures. Other simple floodlight types are designed for regular outdoor usage where fixtures are designed with less durable casings that can withstand harsh weather conditions such as snow. Floodlights utilize LED bulbs, Halogens, or CLF.


3. Spotlights

Outdoor Spotlight 

You may think the spotlights are very new to you. The truth is, you have seen these lights severally, especially on art exhibitions where a special light highlighted a specific detail. These lights are also famous in theatre plays where one or various spotlights are used for performance illumination. Spotlight produces a cone of light, which sent out via a spotlight. The spotlight can be used for both indoor and outdoor lighting to illuminate a specific place or object or group of objects within its conical volume.

Some of the unique features of spotlights include a reliable light source, attachment to a manual device that keeps varying light intensity, come with a manually focused lens, and an iris for beam angle adjustment. Due to technological development, spotlights have been improved to more basic ones such as lamps. Many types of spotlights are categorised according to functionality.


4. Wall lights

Wall lights

These lights can be used for both indoor and outdoor lighting, whereby they are mounted on building walls. This type of outdoor lighting is used to illuminate ground areas where vehicles are packed, or people pass. This exterior lighting is also for security purposes for the homeowners. Usually, these lights are fixed on the wall with some spacing to distribute the light around the house evenly. Since exterior wall lights cover a more extensive coverage compared to the interior ones, they are a bit larger. Some of the wall lights have motion sensors to alert the homeowners in case an intruder is in the building. Also, there are other wall lights with silent alarm systems that go off when the bulb is tampered with thus alerting the guards


5. LED In-Ground Lights

Led In Round Lights

LED in-ground lights are lights done in the ground or in-floor lighting. These outdoor lights possess an optimum efficient light that minimises energy consumption. These lights utilise LED technology whose objective is to guide by highlighting the paths in the garden section and outdoor buildings. They are also used to distinguish public from private spaces.

Note that not all in-ground lights are made to utilise best lamps; the LED in-ground can emit light for space use concerning colour rendering and tone. In-ground lights should not be put in a single area because it may look like a runway. Therefore, to get better results, in-ground lights are spread to get that desired effect. There is also a case where customers visit manufactures of these products so that they can get the specific design and colour.


6. Deck and Step Lights

Deck & Step Lights

Deck lights provide the deck with soft glowing light for effective way finding. Typically installation is done on the railings, the floor, or stair risers. On the other hand, step lights are installed under the stairs and come in square and round lights that give little light pops.


7. Sensor lights

Outdoor Sensor Lights

These are a unique type of outdoor lights that are for physical movement detection around them. Depending on the particular kind of sensor light, some may emit microwaves or infrared energy or sound waves to establish any movements. Sometimes it may be challenging to determine the difference between someone moving around from leaves blown by the wind. This problem is solved by distance range adjustments and limiting the field view via sensor settings. There is a variety of motion sensors in the market. Ensure to buy one that best suits your needs.


In case you haven't installed any outdoor lights, this is the perfect time to do so.

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